Friday 30th Jul 2010

Citrus Suite in LDP’s Business News,  2nd August 2010.

Great local news article, almost a full page with photo :) Newspaper and Website. Via Liverpool Daily Post

We also got a mention on the Northwest Insider Website  Via Business Insider , as well as TechWatchOneNews, RapidTVNews, and, as well as some other minor blogs.  Seems to be a good pic-up rate for this story.

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Friday 30th Jul 2010

“A Liverpool development studio has signed a deal to work on interactive television for the BBC…”

Second Citrus Suite Newsflash at the Business Desk // 30th July 2010 // Looking Good :)

Full Article via “The Business Desk”

We also got mentioned on Design Initiative’s new Futures Network website, Full Article via “Futures Network”

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Friday 30th Jul 2010

Citrus Suite, a new development studio in Liverpool has started working on interactive services for Project Canvas.

Project  Canvas has been created to develop a standard for internet   television  services in the UK and is being backed by BBC, ITV, Channel  4, BT and   Talk Talk. Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) allows you to  access   programmes via the web. It should be launching via set-top  boxes from Spring next year. Citrus Suite is creating a prototype to show how viewers can interact directly with one of the BBC’s existing shows.

“This is a golden opportunity to collaborate with the BBC and deliver a product using state-of-the-art technology – from a creative point of view this is where we want to be,” explained Chris Morland,  development director at Citrus Suite.

The company, which is based in Liverpool features 9 artists, designers and programmers from the city’s  games scene, who develop for Apple devices, Wii, PSP and PC.

Via How-Do-Daily

! Press release went out yesterday and we are already getting some good coverage :) 

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