Tuesday 20th Jan 2015

We are proud to announce Citrus Suite has been selected as one of the 10 Future Leaders; a list that Creative England believe showcases some of the best creative talent in England’s regions.

Creative England has produced a report on the Creative Industries, Creative England 50 (the CE50). The report comprises the best up-and-coming companies and is a celebration of the achievements and recognition of the contribution the Creative Industries make to our economy.

As part of the report Creative England asked a panel of judges to choose their 10 Future Leaders, who have demonstrated innovation, strong growth promise and the potential to disrupt their sector with true innovation. The Judges were Nicola Mendelsohn (Facebook), Saul Klein, Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC), Rebecca Burn-Callander (Telegraph) and Stuart Rock from the Business is Great government campaign.

We’re delighted to hear that our work has been recognised and are attending Creative England Live, a highly interactive event, which will kick off with introductory speeches from Caroline Norbury, CEO of Creative England, Harvey Goldstein and Sajid Javid.


Mobile Health Platform (Creative England supported)
Creative England awarded us funding to develop our own mobile health platform that transforms healthcare sector ideas into mobile realities. Creative England has the inside scoop on our mobile health work and we will be announcing further plans in 2015.

Please see below for information about some of Citrus Suite’s other exciting apps currently in production:

RemindMe – Memory Enabling Technology
ReMindMe: Memory Enabling Technology (AKA ReMindMe) for iOS / Android, apps designed to help people to live well with dementia and support carers. The prototype includes alerts, reminders and image slideshows with plans to integrate social features and more during phase 2 of development. The project team (Citrus Suite app developers, Innovate Dementia, LJMU, Mersey Care, clinicians, service users, carers, researchers, etc.) have identified the need to develop memory enabling technology which positively integrates into the lives of those living with dementia, is empowering and is specifically designed for a person with dementia (1st person), and has great benefits to carers.
Our foundation is co-creation, leading technical ability and design skills aligned to create a product that will exist in response to need and will be widely accessible on completion – leading to use in many clinical & social areas. Read about the co-creation sessions here. Listen to Citrus MD, Chris Morland & Tommy Dunne, a person living with dementia talk about the app on Radio Merseyside:

Fee Fi Fo Fit
Fee Fi Fo Fit is a wellbeing app / game that will help young families get active. From 138 ideas, entered from across Europe, Citrus won Health X award from Public Health England with an app that engages and gets young families active. Fee Fi Fo Fit will now be part of the Change for Life campaign in summer 2015, it’s coming together really well, could this be Citrus’s 4th number one hit app?

Further Citrus Suite news below.

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Friday 19th Dec 2014

Client Apps
We’ve worked on more than 20 apps this year. We loved working on the major Wreck This App update and Coloring For Grown Ups for Penguin Books in the US. We need to update our client list because it’s excellent with apps produced for Penguin Books, Tata Steel, Medicash, BBC, Bauer Media Group, HarperCollins, Littlewoods and loads of others.

This year saw us winning Best Non-Fiction Award for ‘Pocket Scavenger’ at the Digital Book awards in New York.

Citrus Apps
As a company Citrus Suite has become known for the creative apps we make for our clients. We love what we do and our clients appreciate the tenderness with which we handle their babies, sticking to core principles and adding a little bit of Citrus magic and know how.

As a company we have always had a road map of where we want to be and how to get there. To make things clear, we are never going to stop doing our client work… we value and respect our long-standing partners but we also understand that as a company we need to grow and nurture our own babies.

We’re made great progress this year. Nurturing our own ideas, producing apps for us that we feel answer societal needs and possible change people’s lives for the better.

Remind Me – Memory Enabling Technology
We were determined to get an idea off the ground, we pitched it to Innovate Dementia UK and a great journey began. Remind Me is memory enabling technology co-designed with service users who are living well with dementia and their family & carers. The app prototype is ready thanks to great support from our friends at Innovate Dementia

Interest in this app and funding from OpenLabs saw us journey to Stockholm, winning 1 of 5 places to go to the Digital Health Conference 2014 in Sweden and demonstrate the app.

We entered and won OpenLabs Digital Maze competition and then won a trip to China to take part in the Health Conference out there and talk about our Dementia App which was supported by the Academic Health Science Network in Yorkshire & Humber (AHSN_YandH) and Bradford University. We met a lot of great people who are really excited about ReMind Me and fantastic contacts who will be key when we look to do business in China next year.

We’ve got big things planned for Remind Me in 2015.

Fee Fi Fo Fit
From 138 ideas, entered from across Europe, we won Health X award from Public Health England with an app that engages and gets young families active.
Fee Fi Fo Fit will now be part of the Change for Life campaign in summer 2015, it’s coming together really well, could this be our 4th number one hit app?

Mobile Health Platform
Helping us along this path were Creative England awarding us funding for some specific mobile health development work which we will be talking more about in 2015.

We Think – Visualisation Tool
Closer to home we have produced a prototype of ‘We Think’ with our Baltic Creative neighbours So Mo.

So there you have it; a year of change for us! Along with clients work we have produced four of our own products which will be going to market in 2015, supported by our partners and friends.

Further Citrus Suite news below.

Email us… Hello@CitrusSuite.com
Call us… +44 (0)151 345 1979

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Thursday 16th Oct 2014

A blog post by Citrus Suite’s Creative Director, Steve Donovan.

Over the past couple of weeks Chris (AKA Chris Morland, Citrus Suite, Managing Director) and I have been out and about, either presenting at, or taking part in events around the city.

A theme which has been popping up time and time again is collaboration and what collaboration means to us at Citrus Suite. But what does collaboration actually mean for an app development company?

We come up with brand new ideas for some clients and other clients have clear objectives for their apps. We use our expertise to make these ideas a reality. We shape these apps, producing consistently great results (please see our award winning portfolio!). Ultimately, the intention of the final app is to give ‘added value’ to organisation or customers.

That’s just one form of collaboration that we’re used to. But on our latest app we were given the chance to practice another form of collaboration – one which we talk about all the time.

First, a bit of background info. Although we are the app dev company who do the creative book apps – Wreck This App, Chopsticks, Pocket Scavenger and Colouring for Grown Ups etc.; over the last few years we’ve been working with various health agencies to create apps for carer’s of people with ALS and young people with ADHD to name but two.

Our current project sees us working with Denise, Jill and Lisa (from Innovate Dementia) and our design team to create a new app for people living with dementia. What’s so different about that? The design team itself is made up of people living with dementia and their carers.

So where do you start designing an app with service users? By listening and understanding. Take all your preconceived ideas of design, that you’ve learnt from working for 20 plus years in the creative industry, and chuck it out the window. Start from scratch. Before you can contemplate ‘the design’ you need an understanding of the end user.

There is a lot of opening yourself up to understand what our team live with on a daily basis, asking questions like; “So what do you guys think of this?” and “What would make it better?” Or even, on a bad design day; “So what do you guys think would make it usable?” It’s not as cut and dry as ‘this is the way this is, this is how that works”. It’s so much more meaningful and relevant than that. It’s a true collaboration.

Working with the design team, our target audience, to create an app that makes a positive and meaningful impact to their lives has been a truly delightful and enlightening experience. It’s made us question what we know about design and made us think about the user experience from a different perspective. It’s humbling to think that an app created to aid and support people living with dementia has been created by people living with dementia.

We’re just coming to the end of the first design period and we’re starting to head towards the first real usable version of the app. I’m looking forward to our team getting their hands on the app and seeing what they’ve created coming to life. It’s still just the start of a long collaborative process, but their input and knowledge is vital for us along every step of the way.

To read the first blog post about the project please click here



Citrus Suite is a creative design studio producing award winning mobile apps for globally known clients. We are making an impact, having seen THREE apps reach number one in various App Store charts (including US and UK).

We’re seriously good. But don’t just take our word for it, people seem to like the apps we’ve produced: ‘App of the Year 2012’ from Apps Magazine; ‘Best Gamification’ award win for an mHealth app commissioned by a major pharmaceutical firm; ‘The Drum Marketing Awards 2013‘ development duties on winning app; ‘Best App‘ at Digital Book Awards 2014 (in the category ‘Adult Non-Fiction’).

More about Citrus Suite

Further Citrus Suite news below.

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About Innovate Dementia

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