Wednesday 15th Jan 2014

The Pocket Scavenger app has won the Digital Book Award 2014 for ‘Best App‘ in the category ‘Adult Non-Fiction’ much to our delight.

We are proud to have again worked with best selling author Keri Smith, Perigee Books and the amazing digital team at Penguin Books USA.  From New York City we have to single out fabulous Katherine & Meg for their great input and support during development.

Citrus Suite have never entered an app for an award but we’re grateful our perceptive publishers have. The latest award for ‘Best App‘ at The Digital Book Awards 2014 (category App – Adult Non-Fiction) will sit alongside recognition for ‘App of the Year 2012’ from Apps Magazine, honours for ‘Best Gamification’ for an mHealth app commissioned by a major pharmaceutical firm, and development duties on an app that won in ‘The Drum Marketing Awards 2013‘.

Working out of the Baltic Creative development in Liverpool, the Citrus Suite team who produced The Pocket Scavenger include experienced ex-video game developers Chris, Steve, Dom and Macca producing ground breaking interactive products since the late 1990s.

About The Digital Book Awards
The Digital Book World Conference, hosted each year in New York, highlights innovation, creativity and excellence in all aspects of digital book publishing. Award winners and finalists demonstrate fresh thinking, inspired design, and bold technology integration, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in this constantly evolving publishing arena.


About The Pocket Scavenger
From the depths of our imaginary world, to you.

Following the success of Wreck This App and This Is Not An App, The Pocket Scavenger (available for iOS and Android devices -please see  iTunes Store or Google Play) is the ultimate way to explore your environment. The app, developed in 2013 at the Citrus Suite studio in Liverpool, was released simultaneously with the book of the same name.

Within the app, published by Penguin Books US, users are instructed, to document a spectrum of quirky items.

Users can take pictures or record audio of all the things they scavenge on their journey – creating a logbook of weird and wonderful items.

The items are added to the user’s map where they can also see what others have been scavenging.

Pocket Scavenger is Citrus Suite’s forth project with Penguin USA (including Apps Magazine’s 2012 ‘App of the Year’ Chopsticks) and third project with Keri Smith (including Wreck This App and This is Not an App). Across iOS and Android a total of seven apps.

Pocket Scavenger is available to download at iTunes Store and Google Play (Android).

*Keri Smith is an author/illustrator turned guerilla artist. She has several bestselling books, including the phenomenal Wreck This Journal, This is Not a Book, How To Be An Explorer of the World, Mess and Finish this Book. Read more at her website HERE

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Citrus Suite is a UK based creative design studio producing mobile apps for globally known clients. READ MORE


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Wednesday 23rd Oct 2013

Citrus Suite is a Liverpool mobile app design agency developing on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac and Web. Email us here…

Gamification is about creating the ‘Feel-Good Factor’ for people who might otherwise not feel so cool about doing certain real-life tasks. Let’s face it, the majority of us would rather eat a burger than a salad, or watch TV than compete in triathlons.

But here’s the upside. People have a natural inclination to be competitive, explore, discover and play, and quite naturally like being told that they are ‘doing-well’ at something. This is how Gamification works: It’s simply a method that uses digital tools to mentor people into making ‘better choices’.

Gamification provides a structure where positive behaviours are encouraged and reinforced, and can help maximise a person’s potential. It’s most effective when real-world tasks are mapped against bite-sized goals, which progressively contribute to a greater goal, preferably one that has ‘real-value’ to individuals.

Turning everyday tasks into goal-oriented play helps to relieve tedium and build a positive mind-set within individuals. Gamification is a great way to help manage diets, exercise regimes or medical conditions, and is increasingly being used in the workplace to drive productivity and train employees. It can even be used to enhance customer-experience in retail settings.


Achievement is a goal in itself, and many psychological studies show how it can help people improve the image they have of themselves. Motivation is the key — both building and maintaining it! ‘Game Mechanics’ need to be designed around peoples’ needs and expectations, so understanding your target audience and different personality types is essential building experiences that resonate and impact.

Consultancy on Gamification for your business. Email us here…

Academic studies are slow to emerge, but evidence for the effectiveness of Gamification is building, largely through research commissioned by major players in U.S, such as ‘Bunchball’ or the Google-sponsored ‘Keas’. Conferences and events dedicated to the Gamification are mushrooming, and our researcher is currently drowning in a sea of ‘tweets’ and ‘blogs’ as he charts growth of this digital trend.

We think it’s great that people are beginning to realise the potential of Gamification, and that our heritage can be used to bear fruit for a whole range of new clients. User-engagement strategy is hard-coded into our DNA — intuitively as games-designers we know how to create increase motivation and excitement within audiences.

If you want to help people achieve positive life-outcomes, or drive your workforce towards greater success using Gamification, we are the ‘go-to guys’. Please feel free to talk to us…

Want to hire a Mobile App Developer in Liverpool? Need to talk iPhone, iPad, iOS or Android development? What is Gamification and how can it help me? Email us here…


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Citrus Suite is a UK based creative design studio producing mobile apps for globally known clients. THREE #1 apps and ‘App of the Year 2012’. Developer on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac and Web. READ MORE

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Infographic references will be added soon.

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Friday 20th Sep 2013

Citrus Suite’s mHealth portfolio has developed organically as the firm busied itself satisfying the interests of a broad client-base, including international publishers and large MNCs. Work-for-hire projects for healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have largely been ‘hush-hush’ due to commercial constraints, but provided a solid foundation on which to build expertise in this exciting new market.

Citrus Suite is a Liverpool mobile app design agency developing on iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac and Web. Email us here…

Citrus Suite successfully launched a series of mHealth products over the past two years, clinching an award for ‘Best Gamification within mHealth Apps’, so it’s only natural that the next stage of the firm’s development should focus on developing its own platform to serve NHS and Healthcare commissioners.

Seeking ‘Knowledge Partners’ across healthcare communities, Citrus Suite pro-actively engage stakeholders in the design process. According to Director, Chris Morland:

“We believe that people can be empowered through mHealth technology by giving them simple digital tools to maximise the benefit of medical advice. Our products represent collaboration between medical experts, patients and designers, working together to solve real-world problems. The human angle takes priority in all our work – We believe that viewing problems through the eyes of the patient is a vital part of the creative process. By focusing on delivery of high quality user-experiences, we are able to best serve the interests of commissioners and patients alike.”

Speak to us about your app and we’ll produce a no-obligation quote.Email us here…

Using mHealth Apps should be a fun and engaging activity if patients are to use them effectively. They need to be simple to understand and welcoming so people think of them as a ‘practical companion’ to help them manage their condition.

Issues highlighted at recent mHealth conferences have convinced us that our commitment to user-experience design can be of great service to this rapidly evolving sector. Fragmentation of Services within the NHS provides opportunity for digital innovation, both to enhance patient care and deliver more effective procedures, especially in the light of plans to integrate patient data within open source frameworks.

You can read more about Citrus Suite below.

Citrus Suite is a UK based creative design studio producing mobile apps for globally known clients. READ MORE

About Citrus Suite mHealth Apps: Focussing on smartphone applications, Citrus Suite is producing mHealth apps with healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical companies and charities. Citrus’ chart-topping productions have won a string of international awards, including ‘App of the Year 2012’ and honours for ‘Best Gamification’ with an mHealth app commissioned by a major pharmaceutical firm.
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Call us… +44 (0)151 345 1979

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