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Citrus Suite have completed augmented reality projects with BBC, Bauer Media and Disney. Now we want to work with you.

Augmented Reality is a digital data layer on top of the real world. And it’s changing the way forward-thinking brands do business every day.

From custom-built apps to seamless web AR, our team has engineered interactive R&D experiences for some of the world’s leading brands. Interested in exploring Augmented Reality for your business?

We’ll use our own technology, ARKit, ARCore, Unity – whatever is right for the job. Contact us for a free quote.

Fee Fi Fo Fit is an immersive fitness game designed by Citrus Suite to help families with young children get active. We had great support from Public Health England & Creative England, leading to Disney & Citrus Suite coming together from 2016 – 2017, the first MVP ready before Pokemon GO hit the market. We gained by accessing the best movie brand IP and an enthusiastic client team. From this together we made the immersive product Disney envisioned, but it was never commercially released, perhaps not the right time or place. Some of the narrative & health ideas we explored can be seen in the Disney / Garmin products (below, our project is confidential in NOT INCLUDED in the clip), and a new Citrus product that came from it.

We worked with the BBC, as part of the Digital Fiction Factory initiative, to work with the production team of a children’s television show. (Some of the BBC’s AR work below, our project confidential in NOT INCLUDED in the clip.).

An early award winning AR project for Heat magazine (we developed the tech using the Aurasma platform).

Chris, Steve & Dominic took lead roles on award winning EyeToy Lemmings – an early 2006 ‘immersive game’. From IGN: “Lemmings for PS2 took the classic puzzle play of the series and made it come alive in a way we had never imagined — instead of using a cursor and a command to guide the stupid creatures to their gate, you actually interact with them with your own body. At times, your arms and head become bridges and roadblocks and buckets to direct the Lemmings; at other times, you use your hands and movements interact with the world to spin cogs and push away hazards while the Lemmings walk haphazardly towards either their goal or their doom. Playing Lemmings on PS2, you feel as if you are a giant god in this world. Sure, you could help these dumb creatures, but with the power of the EyeToy, it’s just as much fun to crush them in your palm when too many of them fall off.”

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