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Citrus Suite’s pre-existing technology base, the Citrus Engine, has powered apps and software systems that have had millions of downloads / billions of user interactions, and our software development process has seen us win contracts from some of the world’s top companies & visionary organisations such as Disney, Penguin Books US, Random House Digital, Creative England, Public Health England and the BBC. Our team are on a mission to launch globally successful digital innovations that inform, engage and empower.

Bespoke MedTech for Clinicians, Academics, Researchers, Hospitals & Pharmaceutical Companies

What if we could put the technology that has powered these apps in the hands of non-developers? Would clinicians, academics, researchers, and administrators use this technology to build digital tools that are meaningful for their organisations? Deploy is a new product and a new business model to catapult Citrus Suite from one of the best creative development agencies in England to a leading global technology company.

What Is Deploy mHealth?

Deploy is a web based platform. It allows creation of sophisticated health tools, to be shared with patients or healthcare staff via downloadable mobile apps.

  1. A web platform for organisations to create the most bespoke mobile health apps with no computer coding skills. Automated tools that any organisation can use to create ‘the augmented patient’.
  2. Apps for enhancing and creating resilient patients, whilst improving health support outcomes.

Designed to create value for organisations, dedicated to support, communication and condition insight. A key selling point is to make patients feel more supported, engaged, informed and as a consequence, happier.

Current 2022 Mobile Health Deployments


DataDay is a digital system developed to connect healthcare professionals with older adults with dementia. Large scale assisted living technology launched at Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, in Canada. It is available for iOS and Android devices, the app is used on a daily basis to capture reliable information about the older adult’s cognitive function, mood, diet and physical activity. App users gets visual feedback about their progress and structured multi-day activity routines, while connected to a clinician who can see the data on a web-based portal. Citrus Deploy Engine Features: algorithm for alerts about patient condition can be modified by Ontario Shores healthcare professionals. Trials ongoing.

Health Assistant Chatbot.

A new health chatbot platform built by Citrus Suite, the first deployment to support a major pharmaceutical company launch a new drug, a once-weekly analogue injection. The apps used by patients transitioning to this new treatment. Launched in Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland and Canada; with UK, USA and many other territories to follow in the upcoming months of 2019. Citrus Deploy Engine Features: dynamic cloud-based content curation tool for client staff to modify app content and chatbot interactions. Circa 10 more countries will go live with the iOS and Android applications this year.

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