Enterprise Apps / App Project


Platform: iOS & Android devices

Client: various (30+)

Development: 2012 – present

Welcome to a new class of apps entirely re-imagined for the mobile enterprise, made for iOS and Android, and designed to empower employees wherever work takes them.

Citrus produce tools and resources to transform clients’ mobile workforce with enterprise-class apps, distributed seamlessly and securely within the clients’ organisations.

Citrus can help distribute proprietary apps, in-house within your organisation. Securely host and deploy apps to your employees’ smartphone devices.

Citrus Suite produce custom Business-To-Business apps to address unique needs, integrate with back-office environments, or deliver a custom interface for business customers.  Citrus Suite offer consultancy for both consumer and enterprise apps, taking ideas from concept to completion. Typically this means confidential mobile apps for our clients’ workforce.

We offer bespoke design & development of apps deployed via Apple Developer Enterprise Program or other platforms.

As more companies embrace their digital options, Citrus has a number of off-the-shelf solutions to enable clients to arm their staff with digital tools.  White label iOS & Android app development is a great way to deliver quality, relevant apps to employees.

  • B2B apps, bespoke features
  • Release, submission and deployment support
  • Full brand control
  • Build & repackage app numerous times
  • Sales tools
  • eDetail
  • Productivity
  • Set price per build
  • iPhone, iPad & Android apps can be produced at the same time
  • Quick turnaround

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