Liverpool SEO Services With Fixed Cost

We can provide a full range of SEO services to get your website ranked higher and gain more traffic across the web all done in our Liverpool based studio.

Custom SEO Strategy Document Tailored For Your Website

We build full SEO strategy documents with information on how to best build and format pages within your website, recommended keywords (specific to your needs and industry), internal linking and general guidance on best practices with regards to your website and SEO.

Files & Code Optimisation

During the development of websites we code with SEO in mind. We will do so by structuring the code in a way that favours what search engines looks for, keeping files low in size and optimised and using all the best practices in order to get your website up the search rankings. We also use caching to decrease load times and will compress and combine files so that there are less calls on load. All of these enhancements in performance help improve the site from an SEO perspective.

Using Social Media To Improve SEO

We incorporate your social media profiles into your site. If wanted, we can pull in your latest tweets and/or instagram posts to the site and also we can show your social presence through the use of icons linking out to your accounts. This helps helps with linking and also your whole online and digital presence.

Dedicated SEO Plugins To Improve Your Rankings

On top of our code, we also install a range of plugins onto the site which will help in a number of different aspects – but all improving SEO. For example, we install a tool that automatically optimises images. So if an image is uploaded that is quite large in size and has excessive metadata strapped to it – the tool will automatically strip unnecessary data and reduce the files size, essentially improving load time for the site.

We also install Yoast on your website – a tool dedicated to SEO. It analyses your content and recommends where and how you need to make improvements. For example, if adding a new blog post, Yoast will analyse all of your content, URL slug and title and then give you a score and tell you what is good and what is not so good. And then as you edit the score will update in real time.

Google Analytics & Search Console Integration

We will integrate Google Analytics and Google Search Console. This will allow you to see exactly how your site is performing on Google. Allowing you to see the amount of impressions, amount of clicks, average ranking positions for specific queries and more. Using Google Analytics you will be able to see the behaviour flow of the users of the site and on top of that, the behaviour of those who have come specifically via search engines.

All SEO Work Takes Place In Our Liverpool Based Studio

Founded in 2008 we have a world class group of developers all based in our studio in the Baltic Triangle, Liverpool, UK where we carry out all of our SEO work.

How Can We Get Your Website Ranked Higher?

  • Alt text on images
  • Descriptive optimised ‘a’ tags
  • Meta tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Social media optimisation
  • Correct and appropriate use of H1, H2 etc tags
  • Make content of all header tags relevant
  • URL optimisation
  • Content optimisation
  • Caching implementation
  • Removal of inline CSS
  • Restrict linking out to other domains for scripts, images etc
  • Appropriate HTML type usage (i.e button)
  • Image compression
  • AMP integration
  • Removal of broken links
  • Image type optimisation
  • Breadcrumbs implementation
  • Yoast keyword optimisation
  • Internal linking throughout the site
  • External linking throughout the site

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