March 2024 marked an inspiring chapter in digital healthcare innovation, with Citrus Suite attending Digital Health Rewired event in Birmingham. Showcasing our pioneering efforts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital health over the event’s two days. The conference offered a platform for learning, sharing, and contributing to the future of digital healthcare, especially in the realm of AI.

Insights from Keynote Sessions: AI’s Transformative Role in Healthcare

Digital Health Rewired was an opportunity to glean insights from AI healthcare trailblazers. Key sessions delved into various aspects of AI and its impact on healthcare delivery:

Transforming NHS Care with AI: This keynote, chaired by Ruth Holland, featured experts Ming Tang and Wes Baker. The focus was on how AI and data analytics are revolutionising NHS care delivery. The session highlighted how AI-driven solutions are reshaping patient care, clinical workflows, and decision-making processes within the NHS.

AI, Data, and Cloud Services in Clinical Productivity: This session explored the integration of AI and cloud services in enhancing clinical productivity. Speakers from Isla and Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital shared their digital transformation journeys, emphasising the pivotal role of cloud-based solutions and AI in streamlining clinical processes and improving patient outcomes.

The AnalystX Community: This engaging session underscored the significance of a collaborative data analytics community within the NHS. Born out of the necessity during the COVID-19 pandemic, AnalystX exemplifies how collective effort and shared data resources can lead to sustainable transformations in healthcare data and analytics.

Case Studies in AI, Data, and Analytics: The conference provided real-time case studies demonstrating AI’s practical application in healthcare. These included innovative approaches to managing the elective care backlog and optimising GP workload management through AI-driven tools and analytics.

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Discussions in Liverpool, Birmingham & London

Citrus Suite’s participation at Digital Health Rewired was dynamic and engaged. We brought our extensive experience in digital health solutions, AI, and data analytics to the forefront, actively contributing to the discourse. Our attendance with other experts and thought leaders, especially roundtable discussions in Liverpool and London, highlighted our dedication to AI’s transformative potential in healthcare.

Roundtable Discussions: Deepening AI Integration in Healthcare & Clinical Trials

Our team’s involvement in two AI roundtable discussions underlined our commitment to advancing AI in healthcare:

Liverpool iiCON Roundtable: This intensive discussion, backed by UKRI, focused on leveraging AI to innovate in infection transmission and response strategies. Citrus Suite contributed our perspectives on integrating AI and digital solutions in developing future healthcare responses.

Grow London – Life Sciences Community Event: In London, we explored the critical role of AI in clinical trials, discussing optimisation, ethical considerations, and AI’s potential to revolutionise clinical research processes… an area in which Citrus are involved.

Artificial Intelligence: Leading the AI Revolution in Healthcare, Liverpool, UK.

Our active participation in Digital Health Rewired 2024 was a reaffirmation of our role as a catalyst in the AI-driven transformation of healthcare. The insights and collaborations fostered at this event will continue to inspire our journey as we forge ahead, leading the charge in integrating AI into healthcare solutions, driving efficiency, and improving patient care. Citrus Suite stands committed to shaping a future where digital health solutions are not just technologically advanced but truly impactful and patient-focussed.


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