Citrus Suite, Phase Two

2019. A new beginning, new adventures, a new home. Digital House by Baltic Creative.

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Brexit and Liverpool Creative Business

What does Brexit hold for Liverpool Businesses?

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Minimum Viable Product Development

How to make a successful digital product. Everything you need to know about MVPs.

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Health Chatbots

Are chatbots the future of healthcare?

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Behind the Doors of a Liverpool Technology Studio

10 years of Citrus Suite, what comes next?

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Mobile Health Software Systems

Read about our leading technology studio, and new work in the the mobile health field.

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The Extraordinary Club is a company committed to the growth of the creative industries, designed to propel and challenge SMEs to be ambitious and broad in outlook. #webdev #webdesign #softwaresystems #liverpool #designstudio #apps #web #software

The technological future of healthcare with @HadleyFreeman of @NHSX. We've had a couple of follow up meetings today with progressive hospitals (1. pilot stage 2. planning); and you know, there's something happening here... #HealthTech #mhealth #AI #VirtualAssistant

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