Citrus Suite are working with startups and established companies across the globe to produce user focused software systems. Cutting-edge digital transformation across web, cloud and mobile. 

Clients are in safe hands with Citrus Suite. Our design experience elevates good ideas into great products, and our technical capabilities are world class and geared towards great delivering results.

Citrus has in-house PHP developers delivering feature-rich websites and software systems with highly functional custom-tailored solutions that set customers apart from the competition. Bespoke MVP portals to apps and websites, AI driven backends, enterprise systems, PHP-based portals and administration solutions.

Citrus Suite are a Liverpool, UK based technology company. Contact Citrus for agile full stack software development, with great set-price quote options.

Software System Portfolio

Take a look at a selection of our software systems below.

Data x Health

Revolutionising Patient Data Collection and Analysis Harnessing AI for Enhanced Healthcare Insights Citrus Suite builds software that helps people lead better lives. Web | Software | Apps Excellence in software system development, mobile app innovation, and web design. DataxHealth is a cutting-edge platform by Citrus Suite, designed to transform the way healthcare data is collected, […]

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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Tech; Liverpool

Empowering Service Design with Artificial Intelligence. By leveraging AI and ML, we help SMEs, charities, and startups navigate the complexities of the digital world, transforming challenges into opportunities for innovation and impact.

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We Design Digital Products That Help Improve Lives

Citrus Suite is a leading technology studio based in Liverpool, UK, offering Digital Health Software Development – innovative mobile healthcare software solutions for start-ups and established organisations across the globe. We have a portfolio of health and wellbeing apps and software systems designed for private organisations, NHS, hospitals, insurance companies, pharmaceuticals, Public Health England, CCGs […]

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Turning Ideas into Impact: MVP Development

Whether it’s for a daring startup or an established business looking to innovate, we’re adept at refining ideas into MVPs – workable solutions with enough features to impress early users and provide valuable feedback for future plans.

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Digital Wellbeing and Mobile Health

We’ve built an array of health-focused digital products, with millions of downloads and user interactions worldwide.

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