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DataxHealth is a cutting-edge platform by Citrus Suite, designed to transform the way healthcare data is collected, analysed, and utilised. Trusted by pharmaceutical companies, clinics, NHS trusts, and clinical research organisations, Citrus Suite’s digital health platforms stand at the forefront of patient-driven healthcare research and monitoring.

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DataxHealth: A Comprehensive Solution

DataxHealth is more than just a data collection tool. It integrates a user-friendly patient app with a sophisticated, web-based research environment, powered by advanced AI processing. Our platform is meticulously engineered to streamline the data submission process, making it seamless for patients and incredibly efficient for healthcare professionals and researchers.

OpenAI & ChatGPT Design & Development, Liverpool, UK: Empowering Patients, Enabling Researchers

For Patients: DataxHealth offers an intuitive mobile app where patients can effortlessly submit their health data. This not only fosters patient engagement and empowerment but also contributes valuable insights into their health journey.

For Healthcare Professionals and Researchers: The DataxHealth portal is a robust research environment. It allows for real-time data analysis, leveraging AI to extract meaningful insights. This facilitates informed decision-making in clinical trials, patient care, and pharmaceutical research.

Features at a Glance

User-Friendly Patient App: Easy health data submission, accessible on iOS and Android devices.

Advanced AI Analytics: Cutting-edge AI algorithms process and evaluate data for deeper insights.

Comprehensive Backend System: Robust web-based portal for seamless data management and analysis.

Real-Time Data Access: Instant access to patient data for timely and effective decision-making.

Customisable Reports: Tailored reports to meet specific research needs and objectives.

Secure and Compliant: Adherence to the highest standards of data security and privacy.

Citrus Suite, Bespoke Software: Digital Health With Artificial Intelligence

Expertise in Digital Health: Citrus Suite’s extensive experience in digital health solutions ensures a reliable and effective platform.

Bespoke Solutions: Customisation options to meet the unique needs of different healthcare and research environments.

Global Reach, Local Impact: Designed to cater to both global and local healthcare research requirements.

Client-Centric Approach: We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and deliver beyond expectations.

Chatbots for Health: Chatbots are a logical next step for managing health conditions, and Citrus Suite has built a proprietary system for facilitating this, so clinicians can create interactive content via an online portal and this is synchronised with the user’s mHealth app. Read more here.

Case Study

Utilising proprietary Citrus Suite technologies, Nephrotic Syndrome UK app was designed and built in partnership with the UK Kidney Association (UKKA), NeST Young Ambassadors, NeST members, and nephrologists and with grant support from the Wellcome Trust.

It has been designed to support further research into Nephrotic Syndrome by encouraging patients with the condition to provide data about changes in their condition and health as well as how this impacts their day to day lives. Read more here

Join the Healthcare Revolution

DataxHealth is not just a platform; it’s a movement towards more efficient, patient-centred healthcare research and management. Partner with us and be part of this transformative journey.

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