Nephrotic Syndrome Diary App (NeST UK App) – A Mobile Health Innovation

The Nephrotic Syndrome Diary App, also known as the NeST UK App, is a testament to Citrus Suite’s commitment to healthcare innovation. This project is a collaborative effort between Citrus Suite, the UK Kidney Association (UKKA), NeST Young Ambassadors, NeST members, nephrologists, and the Wellcome Trust. The app is a cornerstone in supporting ongoing research into Nephrotic Syndrome, offering a platform for patients to actively contribute to understanding and managing their condition.

Collaborative Development for Advanced Patient Support

1. Data Recording and Integration: The app allows patients to log daily symptoms, medications, immunisations, and hospitalisations. This information is synchronised with the RaDaR server (Renal Disease Registry) for comprehensive data analysis.

2. User-Centric Design: The app’s design focuses on patient usability, offering features for logging various health metrics, editing previous entries, and setting up health alerts.

3. Research and Patient Support: Central to the app’s purpose is facilitating research into Nephrotic Syndrome by collecting data directly from patients. It also serves as a hub for patients to access the latest news and information about their condition.

4. Security and Accessibility: Integration with an external API for patient registration ensures secure access to the app. Only patients registered in RaDaR are eligible to use the app, maintaining privacy and data integrity.

Access The App

Visit our project partners to find out more.

NHS Logon Integrated: NHS login integrated partners and services

Nephrotic Syndrome Trust website here.

UK Kidney Association website here.

RaDaR website here. 

Digital Health Support

Citrus Suite is exploring expanding the app’s reach with UKKA and NeST charity. The goal is to white-label the app for broader use among kidney charities and introduce it into all renal units in the UK, thereby maximising its impact. It features a bespoke system that enables patients with rare renal diseases, to track their health data, including UPD readings, relapses, and potential triggers. This data is invaluable to clinicians and researchers in advancing the study of the disease.

Trials, Validation, and Commercialisation
Future plans include conducting trials in multiple trusts, validating the app’s efficacy in patient care, and exploring commercialisation avenues such as the NHS accelerator program.

UK Mobile Health Developers

The NeST UK App, through its innovative design and collaborative development, exemplifies Citrus Suite’s prowess in creating digital health solutions that not only empower patients but also contribute significantly to medical research. This case study reflects the ongoing commitment to harnessing technology for the betterment of healthcare and patient support.

Read more about the background platform here.




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