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A new health chatbot built by Citrus Suite will be released (in Denmark, Canada, Japan, USA and other territories to follow) in the upcoming months of 2019, but what are chatbots and is healthcare progressive enough to use them?

Citrus Suite’s CEO, Chris Morland: “Chatbots are a logical next step for managing health conditions, and we’ve built a proprietary system for facilitating this, so clinicians can create interactive content and this is synchronized with the user’s app. For some patient groups managing a condition or beginning a new medical treatment this digital support can be very effective. With our new chatbot app getting closer to launching across the world, Citrus are excited to be part of an important and evolving area of healthcare.”

A Health Chatbot app

The concept of the chatbot is to act as a virtual support for the patient, by incorporating features aid and inform the end user, while giving professionals tools to add and deploy fresh content. With more companies designing solutions involving chatbots, that potentially enhance people’s lives – whether that be by booking a doctor’s appointment, or offering support with a person’s condition, can this advancement really be seen as a negative one? While this is very much an evolving landscape, progressive healthcare organisations are embracing the potential of chatbots.

The initial product has been created to support users with various health conditions, contact us for more information.

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