5 things you need to know about Digital Transformation….

Being digital, or offering digital services seems like a no brainer for most people and businesses in 2020. Nowadays, to run a business or work within a modern organisation, we naturally assume that digital is part and parcel of our everyday working lives as we interact with apps, software and technology that allow us to work more diligently and productively. This is what can be called digital transformation.

Essentially, digital transformation is the adoption of digital technology which transforms services or businesses through replacing manual processes with newer digital processes.

Today, technology no longer seems to be a choice; it’s fundamental that businesses take a serious digital approach that sits parallel with their wider business initiatives in order to not only thrive in this current climate, but to survive. Digital transformation is paramount, it’s a long term investment which not only helps front facing customer services but also behind the scenes innovation for the workplace and those who work within it.

Let’s go through the 5 things you need to know about digital transformation.

  1. Citrus Suite have had to adopt their own digital transformation

Even though they find themselves as a digital-first agency and pride themselves on providing businesses with the software and tools to help them with their own digital transformations, Citrus have found themselves during the COVID pandemic having to adapt and take on their own mini transformation.

‘There have been off-the-shelf tools and software solutions that we’ve integrated into our daily practice,’ says co-founder Chris. ‘Having systems such as cloud backup, synchronised source control and even more online communication tools such as Slack and Zoom means that no matter where the Citrus team is in the world (or in Liverpool) they are still just as proficient at getting things done.’

Now that the world is that little bit more isolated from each other, Citrus have given the nod to the smaller yet effective digital transformations which allows them to still be just as united and collaborative.

  1. You might not even realise you need a digital transformation.

Essentially, it’s important to make sure businesses are being the best that they can be with the tools and software that are available.

‘When you look at a lot of our business, even though the work originates in several sectors from health, education, entertainment and even book publishing, a lot of the projects we take on could be categorised as digital transformation for our clients,’ says Chris.

For Citrus, the key is allowing companies to understand that they can help them on a journey of transformation for the better. ‘We’ve got some really inspiring case studies, where we’ve taken long established processes and created digital products in place of them which in turn, optimises workflow and essentially makes it easier for our client’s staff and customers.’

  1. There’s dangers that come with not adopting a more digital first approach

‘The dangers of not moving with the times can be critical for businesses,’ muses Chris.

‘Not just for the advantage it gives to the competitors, but the lack of support for staff, customers and partners can mean an organisation will not reach its full potential, or maintain optimal operations.’ Substantially, most transitions into more digitally apt ways of working provide possibilities for efficiency gains alongside staff and customer support and even augment good existing procedures.

We need to realise that it’s 2020, so shouldn’t we be doing the most to implement digital practices which in turn, mean we can do less and still be just as productive?

In today’s fast paced, ‘always on’ world, we’ve come to expect a lot more from the companies and businesses that we interact with, purchase from and utilise. Becoming a lot more agile to the needs of not only customers but the needs of employees too, can mean that there is no other option other than digital transformation – it’s crucial that user experience and employee productivity is optimised and that’s something that may only come with incorporating new digital software and tools within a business.

  1. Digital transformation is paramount to both big and small companies.

To quote Naval, “Your company may not be in the software business, but eventually, a software company will be in your business.”

The difference between SME’s and larger, more corporate businesses is that a lot of SME’s starting out are completely aware that digital platforms can be a part of their identity – essentially, their mission is digital transformation in some way or another.

It may seem that an SME has the upper hand on bigger organisations with regards to digital transformation, in the sense that they can perhaps be more agile, maybe even frivolous with the technology they test and implement to help their business flourish. More established businesses will typically have numerous processes and working methodologies that are in urgent need of modernisation and digitisation which allow them to stay relevant for the 21st century.

For digital transformation to be a success, it’s vital that digital efforts should be embedded throughout an organisation which can then be refined and altered through user feedback internally and externally – essentially aligning the objectives of the transformation with the goals of the business.  

  1. Citrus Suite can help you with your own digital transformation

Citrus Suite knows they can provide sustainable, valuable and fruitful software solutions to those businesses looking to invest in digital transformation. Their purpose is to invigorate and empower through technological innovation that brings new business models, creates and protects jobs and enhances people’s day-to-day experiences of the world.

‘Our design and user experience team will take these real-world problems and solve them with future proof ideas that support and impact end-users,’ says Chris. Citrus provides the package, walking the walk (and talking the talk) from initial enquiry to software build and support.

Digital transformation is just a conversation away. Let Citrus take you there.