From Liverpool to China, from design sessions in a leafy Liverpool suburb to trade missions to Guangzhou and Nanjing, Chinese cities with a combined population 3 million greater than London. The starting point to a waypoint.

The idea – an app, a platform, a new concept of care; co-designed with people living with dementia and their carers. This idea, ReMind Memory Suite, grew from the sessions at Mossley Hill hospital, supported by clinicians, academics, innovators and doers from Mersey Care and John Moores University and aided by Innovate Dementia, Innovation Agency (AKA North West Coast Academic Health Science Network) and Liverpool City Council’s iNnovation Network.

The first deployment of ReMind
Organically the trials went beyond people living with dementia to service users with drug and alcohol issues at Liverpool YMCA to elderly and cared for individuals in Liverpool’s Chinese community with a bespoke version of the app. Supporting localisation into simplified Chinese and co-design sessions Colin Ling and the Chinese Wellbeing organisation.

Then the interest from China. At the core a huge societal problem, partially caused by the one-child policy, with organisations on the ground looking at technology to be a part of the solution. Over 20% of the population is over 55, with less younger people to care for the elders.

An aging population, by 2050, the number of senior Chinese will equal Europe’s entire population and outstrip Americans of all ages, and without the safety net of social care provision. Change is happening with forecasts that Chinese healthcare will grow into an annual $1.4 trillion market.

A Solution
So what is the answer to getting to traction in the Chinese market? China needs big, bold, scalable solutions. So we’re creating a consortium of the right companies around us to compliment the service we offer; we’re building the right partnerships both in the UK and in China.

Our visits to China have introduced Citrus Suite to a range of organisations. These include trade agencies creating synergy between Chinese and Western companies, creating multi million pound opportunities. And negotiations with companies looking to integrate our software into a thousand hospitals that are being built over the next five years. A thousand hospitals – such is the size of the Chinese market and the potential that lies therein.

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