Hi Mystery Seekers,

If it’s a walkthrough of the game you require you won’t find it on this site. You will however find all the help and support you need over at the Big Fish Games forums, so please click here .

Note: You don’t need a walkthough guide. You can use the Hint button at any point in the game to get a clue that will help you progress. If you are stuck on a mini-game they can be skipped at the end of the particular game.
If you are playing the iPhone or iPad version and have seen the splash screen advertising the full version when attempting to enter the library, you need to make an in-app purchase to complete the game.

Feel free to post a question in the Big Fish Games forum if you are stuck. In the meantime there is an in-game hint system that will highlight the next relevant area you must go to.

A message from Big Fish… Want to try the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch versions of this game? You can check them out by clicking here for iPad or here for iPhone/iPod touch.
If you’re experiencing any technical issues with the iPad or iPhone/iPod touch versions of this game, please let us know by contacting Tech Support or by posting in the ‘Technical Issues‘ thread.
If you’d like to search for answers online, we’d encourage you to start with our ‘iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch‘ help article.

Download the iPad version from iTunes
Download the iPhone version from iTunes

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