The Citrus Engine is Citrus Suite’s cross platform app development engine for iOS & Android, PC & Mac.

Producing native mobile apps
iOS apps: iPhone, iPad and iPod
Android apps: Smartphones and Tablets

The team built this engine and have deployed more than 60 apps using the engine. The Citrus Engine supports the creation of almost any app (or is at least a great starting point for development).

Client benefits
Better apps, delivered quicker, less cost.
Citrus clients don’t have to pay for all their required app functions to be built from scratch.

In essence a client’s £10k app will have a £100k app development framework behind it. The Citrus Engine is flexible enough to deliver dramatically varied apps and is easily customisable. This gives the Citrus team a great competitive advantage and successes are clear to see. If the client requires ownership of source code Citrus can license this to the client.

Exceptional Mobile Apps

  • Augmented reality experiences
  • Creative entertainment: drawing, photo editing, etc.
  • eDetailing aids / e-detailing aid apps
  • Enhanced eBooks: integrated video, audio, social functions, etc.
  • Enterprise program: in-house business apps
  • Games: platform, arcade, adventure, HOG, etc.
  • Gamified content
  • GPS location-based
  • Mobile utilities
  • mHealth apps
  • Retail apps
  • Sales team apps
  • Task management
  • Video streaming

The Citrus Engine ©Citrus Suite