AKA mHealth Platform
Digital Health Technology: Better Quality, Less Cost.

Citrus has a cross platform mobile development toolset for deployment of mHealth applications to iOS and Android devices.

Large and medium sized organisations are increasingly adapting their healthcare practices to the mobile world, commissioning tablet and smartphone access to their services. Citrus Mobile Health Platform has been crafted to support production of apps in this field and to minimise costs for health organisations.

Citrus Suite’s mHealth apps can support:
patient self-management and symptom tracking
clinical, fitness, wellness and self-help interventions
increased access to healthcare and health-related information (particularly for hard-to-reach populations)
improved ability to diagnose and track diseases
expanded access to ongoing medical education and training for health workers

Citrus Suite’s goal is to build a feature set that can improve health outcomes as well as generate cost savings within public and private health systems.

Phase 1. Internal Beta. A proprietary code base for building mHealth apps. Engine allows developers to share almost 100% of code and art assets across all mobile platforms. Functions:

iOS & Android compatible
Native user interfaces
Native API access including platform-specific capabilities
Data capture
User input tools
Symptom tracker
Infographic outputs
Data export
Backend. Integration with backends MySQL, Google Cloud Platform, AWS and bespoke hosting.
Secure hosting: IS027001 accredited, NHS accredited information security and governance, provisioned G-Cloud assured services and N3 Connectivity.

Phase 1. Built in 2014, thanks to the support of Creative England, to underpin Citrus work for hire projects. Phase 2 is ongoing.
Citrus have designed patient ‘tracker apps’ and assistive living technologies for people living with ADHD, Cystic Fibrosis, ALS / Motor Neuron Disease, Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis and more. Work has been produced for NHS, universities, healthcare companies, professional providers, pharmaceutical companies, health training companies, eDetail providers, healthcare insurance companies, health clubs and wellness companies.