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As the coronavirus situation has progressed Citrus has helped clients and businesses adapt to unexpected ways of working, with new digital ideas rapidly taking shape. Contact Citrus to see how we can deploy solutions that work for you now and over the coming months.

NHS Web & Mobile Design Solutions

Through 2017 and 2018 Citrus Suite built the system foundations for LocumTap which became Patchwork Health. Patchwork allows greater flexibility and empowerment to healthcare workers and employers, to manage safe staffing levels. 

As of 26th March 2020 the team behind Patchwork has opened up their platform, already used to book millions of hours worth of shifts, to help the NHS cope with the demands of the current crisis. 

NHS Leaders Please Read

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A message from Patchwork Health

As healthcare workers, we are acutely aware of the impact this public health crisis is having on our workforce. At this critical time, we have been assessing how we can provide the greatest support to our NHS during this pandemic.

Over the next four months, we are offering all NHS Trusts free access to Patchwork’s COVID19 bank solution to manage your COVID19 temporary staffing requirements at scale. 

You will also have access to our extensive network of locum clinicians, who use our app to connect directly with staff banks as well as reach over 75,000 clinicians via our partnership with the British Medical Journal.

We have naturally put aside all commercial interests and are here to help the NHS cope with this Pandemic. Everything stated in here is ready for use immediately. 

Our priority right now is to support your frontline rota team and ensure safe staffing levels.

NHS leaders please contact Patchwork at and they will quickly reach out to you for immediate action. Website here.

Staff Platform Design and Development

The development of a system like Patchwork improves the experience for the workers and fills shifts that may potentially go to staffing agencies, it’s saving the NHS millions and making sure that there is a healthcare specialist for when you need one most. 

Patchwork is just one of the many projects that Citrus Suite have helped to develop in the mobile health space.

Patchwork is solving a pressing NHS problem by connecting vacant shifts with a growing marketplace of locum workers – bypassing agencies that can charge up to £100 an hour more for locum workers, taking 30% of shifts fulfilled by non-agency staff up to 90% places filled through the system. 

In the current climate, with the spread of Coronavirus, the uncertainty around public health, and overwhelmed NHS resources, perhaps mobile health app products and telehealth could be the key in altering and transforming our lives.

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