10 Reasons Why Clients Use Citrus Suite

  1. Experience
  2. Skills (clients don’t have skills/capacity to build their own products)
  3. Versatility
  4. Recommendation & Reputation 
  5. Repeat Business
  6. In-House Team
  7. Competitive Pricing
  8. Support with software integration
  9. Extensive Portfolio
  10. Long Term Value


Citrus is an experienced development studio, having worked within the technology and software industry since 2008. Starting initially within the mobile game industry, Citrus quickly began to take on larger and more ambitious projects. These projects gave staff in-depth, hands-on experience with a wide variety of software development languages and concepts. These projects have only grown in scale and intricacy over the years.


For clients who don’t have the in-house skill or capacity to create their own software, Citrus can deliver. Citrus can create software that cannot be produced by the client themselves. Whether this is because of a lack of available people in a client’s own employees who have the time to work on the software or because the client themselves does not have the technical ability to produce their desired software, Citrus can fill the gap.

Full Stack Development

Citrus’ in-house experience means that should a client want a specific function, Citrus can build it. The team are full stack developers – capable of developing both the frontend and the backend of web platforms and mobile apps (with each developer versatile, but able to focus on their specialism). All of the features that are visible to the client, or the user of the site or app, are included in the front end; and the backend technologies give our software.  

Recommendation & Reputation 

Citrus is an award-winning company, having worked with a wide variety of clients from Penguin, Disney and HarperCollins to organisations such as John Moores University and the NHS. Many of our clients have gone on to recommend Citrus Suite to their friends and colleagues who are in need of a software development team. 

Repeat Business

Citrus has a history of developing long-term relationships with many of its clients. It is not uncommon for clients who have worked with us prior to return, to look to work with us on a new project they may be developing. Clients not only recommend Citrus to friends and colleagues, but they also choose to return to us for further projects.

Competitive Pricing

-No-Obligation Quote

-Set-Price Per Job

With Citrus, each quote is individually tailored to the project itself. We provide a bespoke no-obligation quote based on your individual project’s scale and the details you provide us. Citrus prefers to take a set-price per job approach, working to a set cost established. If you’d like a quote, contact us here https://www.citrussuite.com/contact/

In-House Team – Baltic, Liverpool

One of Citrus Suite’s most unique assets is the team itself. Every member of the Citrus team is an experienced and skilled individual – focussed on their specialist area but agile enough to code, design or contribute to help their colleagues. The team is tight knit, functioning as a cohesive unit. Any and all issues are tackled efficiently and effectively. Citrus’ team has experience developing software for multiple industries, allowing them to adapt to any project.

Support with software integration, APIs, etc.

Sometimes integration of new software into a company can require tweaking, especially if this type of software is new to a client or their company. Citrus offers support during this early period, helping in the rolling out of software to clients, employees and service users in order to ensure the process is as smooth as possible and that users can easily access and navigate the software as intended.

Extensive Portfolio

Citrus boasts an extensive and award-winning portfolio of websites, apps and software thanks to our long history. Having delivered over 200 apps for iOS and Android combined, Citrus is familiar with app development for both major mobile platforms and the intricacies that come along with each. Citrus’ work is not limited to just apps, however, with over 120 websites and software systems under our belt. 

Long Term Value

Citrus aims to create long-term value with both the ideas it creates and the software itself. Ideas are built with future-proofing in mind with the intention of supporting a user base in the long term. Our software by extension follows this philosophy, aiming to create apps and software with long-term stability that contain a user journey that will remain easy to navigate. 

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