Citrus Suite is celebrating success after securing three US publishing deals that have established the app development agency’s reputation as a premium quality app developer.

The firm created a buzz over recent months by creating two ground-breaking eBook titles for Penguin Books US (see previous posts), while latest release, an iOS game called ‘Mystery Seekers: The Secret of the Haunted Mansion’, is launched by Seattle-based giant Big Fish Games on 29th February 2012.

Download the iPad version from iTunes
Download the iPhone version from iTunes

Mystery Seekers is a classic point and click adventure with hidden object games. Set in a haunted mansion you must hunt for clues, collect all the hidden items and banish all the ghosts over many hours of gameplay.

Banish the ghosts, uncover a mystery and live the adventure! In the haunted mansion, excitement is around every corner! Dive into Mystery Seekers: The Haunted Mansion and use your Hidden Object skills to hunt for clues and rid the mansion of the spooky spirits! Explore beautiful locations and complete multiple missions, perplexing puzzles, and mesmerizing minigames to succeed.

Point & Click Adventure
Hidden Object (HOG)

Great scenes
Fun storyline
Compelling gameplay
30+ rendered 3D scenes to explore
100+ items and gems to collect and use
40+ hidden object games, shooting games and picture puzzle games
15 missions to crack the mystery
Live action video clips tell the backstory story
Follow the tale with help from your journal
Hint mode always available

Fresh Ideas, Sharp Solutions.
Citrus Suite develops apps, software, games and produces 3D digital artwork. Developer on iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5, PC, YouView, IPTV platforms (YouView, Google TV, Apple TV, etc.).

Development of apps from Liverpool, UK.

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