Date: 2017 to 2018

Citrus built the LocumTap platform (now re-branded Patchwork Health) deployed at several NHS hospitals. Patchwork provides software a one stop solution for managing the temporary staffing requirements of hospitals, and reduces the barrier of entry for clinicians to book and manage their locum shifts. Patchwork connects clinicians with shifts in ways that:

  • Over 600,000 hours worth of shifts booked with LocumTap & Patchwork
  • Saves the National Health Service millions
  • Keeps medics happy
  • Means a doctor is there when you need one most

Backed by the Harvard Business Angels and founded by former NHS Doctors, the team at Citrus Suite are very proud to have built, supported and transitioned the platform to Patchwork’s own talented development team.

Comprising mobile apps on iOS, Android and dedicated website for locums and other healthcare professionals to book and monitor shifts, alongside an enterprise cloud-based platform that allows hospital administrators to address the unique challenges faced by the health service with a suite of bespoke tools.

“Replacing the traditional bank management with Patchwork resulted in an increased utilisation rate of bank staff from 35% to 90% and the recruitment of more than 300 doctors to the staff bank.” Deloitte’s report on Securing a future for the hospital workforce in Europe.

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“Patchwork has transformed our staff bank! The trust has reduced its agency spend by significantly improving our bank fill rates. Our service managers have better control over their locum activity, and the clinicians love the app too.” Rob Hodgkiss, Chief Operating Officer of Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust.

Tech: world-class enterprise PHP software platform and mobile apps.

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