Citrus Suite’s mHealth portfolio has developed organically as the firm busied itself satisfying the interests of a broad client-base, including international publishers and large MNCs. Work-for-hire projects for healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors have largely been ‘hush-hush’ due to commercial constraints, but provided a solid foundation on which to build expertise in this exciting new market.

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Citrus Suite successfully launched a series of mHealth products over the past two years, clinching an award for ‘Best Gamification within mHealth Apps’, so it’s only natural that the next stage of the firm’s development should focus on developing its own platform to serve NHS and Healthcare commissioners.

Seeking ‘Knowledge Partners’ across healthcare communities, Citrus Suite pro-actively engage stakeholders in the design process. According to Director, Chris Morland:

“We believe that people can be empowered through mHealth technology by giving them simple digital tools to maximise the benefit of medical advice. Our products represent collaboration between medical experts, patients and designers, working together to solve real-world problems. The human angle takes priority in all our work – We believe that viewing problems through the eyes of the patient is a vital part of the creative process. By focusing on delivery of high quality user-experiences, we are able to best serve the interests of commissioners and patients alike.”

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Using mHealth Apps should be a fun and engaging activity if patients are to use them effectively. They need to be simple to understand and welcoming so people think of them as a ‘practical companion’ to help them manage their condition.

Issues highlighted at recent mHealth conferences have convinced us that our commitment to user-experience design can be of great service to this rapidly evolving sector. Fragmentation of Services within the NHS provides opportunity for digital innovation, both to enhance patient care and deliver more effective procedures, especially in the light of plans to integrate patient data within open source frameworks.

You can read more about Citrus Suite below.

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About Citrus Suite mHealth Apps: Focussing on smartphone applications, Citrus Suite is producing mHealth apps with healthcare organisations, pharmaceutical companies and charities. Citrus’ chart-topping productions have won a string of international awards, including ‘App of the Year 2012’ and honours for ‘Best Gamification’ with an mHealth app commissioned by a major pharmaceutical firm.
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